"I don’t wish you a reason to stop, I wish you power and courage to

stop smoking NOW – you deserve it, to be a happy, healthy nonsmoker

for the rest of your life!

I will give my best to make it as easy as possible for you!”
(Christina Anding)


"Yes, I am ready!"

Then choose now the way you like to stop smoking and check out the
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For bookings, please use the following

E-Mail for now: christina.anding@gmail.com


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The exclusive and individual 1:1 (1 coach: 1 client) or
1:2 (1 coach: 2 clients) -treatment takes 2-2,5 hours



Max. 8 to 10 people will attend during a seminar/groupsession & it takes 4,0 hours


stop smoking WORLDWIDE

You can book Christina Anding worldwide for individual sessions, corporate events or Seminars.