¹Christina stopped smoking after 17 years & minimum 20 cigarettes/day with this method on 3rd of April 2009. "Today i feel like i`ve never smoked before in my life - i totally forget about it" she says.






"I have been a Cigarette smoker since I was 16 years old and now I am 39. Yes it has been a long time, not that I was a heavy smoker but a constant one. I had tried many times to stop smoking .. reading self help books and basically trying to force myself not to take the first cigarette but after a few days... or a few months the craving started again and I would start with just taking a few puffs. And boom I was back to smoking again. The Difference with the "Stop Smoking In 2 Hours" which Christina Anding facilitates is, that I have not had any cravings since the end of the seminar, even if am around people who smoke I don't have the slightest urge to smoke. I could go on writing about the quit smoking program but I feel the only thing i could say is: DO IT! Do it with full positive intent and see for yourself how powerful and easy it is!" (Muniandi R., Auroville)