A new self-image instead force of a habit! 


To effect a successful development, it is necessary that the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work together. And this is exactly what happens with the stop smoking method by Dr. Roy Martina. This method offers a deep transformation of the self-image. All the reasons, why people smoke will be cleared and deleted in the shortest time and in only one session.


The profound transformation of the self-image and constant removing of the synapses (which imprisons the smokers) makes the huge difference. With the stop smoking method is the cessation 10-times easier, compared to other methods!

The stop smoking method includes also a combination from various elements and methods like NLP (neurolinguistic programming) acupressure, hypnosis, trancecoaching (deep relaxation in alpha state) and many more, to achieve the greatest success.


Most important are the profound changes and effects wich will be done in the shortest period of time on the self-image: If someone is for 100% percent in the personality of "I am a happy, healthy nonsmoker” instead of " I've given up smoking", the difference is like night and day.


That's one of the reasons why the stop smoking method is so effective: 80% - 95% stop smoking after only one session! Without any sideeffects, withdrawal symptoms or weight gaining.


Conventional “single methods” such as nicotine patches, hypnosis, acupuncture or lasertherapie are not so effective, certain drugs are even dangerous.




But, if cigarettes are really “tasteful”, nicotine is “helpful” to calm down or if smoking is “enjoying” – a smoker can only be determined, once he is a nonsmoker,"not more clouded" and can see clearly again.