Why is it so difficult to stop smoking?


Although it is well known how harmful smoking is, most people do not succeed to give up this bad habit. Not even when the smoker itself is aware that he prematurely in aging, diminished a lower life expectancy and less quality of life and perhaps even suffers under pain.


During his years of research, Dr. Roy Martina discovered that the reason, why only a few people succeed in quitting smoking nothing has to do with nicotine addiction but with three other factors:

► The neuro-synapses, the connections between our nerve cells are standing for the power of habit. With them is accompanied a certain self-image wich is stored in the subconscious mind. Habits will be saved in the brain as so called synapses (connections between the neurons) to ensure, that we set ourselves in certain behavioral patterns. The habits are so hard to the synapses anchored that they can`t be changed only by willpower. 

► Beside the synapses there are, for a large proportion of smokers, an even greater challenge: the pavlovian reflexes. Forty percent of the smokers are “reflex-smokers”. Under certain circumstances, they simply need to smoke (coffee & cigarette, alcohol & cigarette, after lunch or dinner, in stressful situations, …)

► The third factor is the emotional repression. It`s founded on the fact that many people use cigarettes to keep their emotions under control.



Christina expanded and refined this unique method because of her experiences the past 5 years. It is not only easy for you, to stop your smoking habit, you will enjoy it too and at the end of the session,

it is like you never smoked before!